3D Printers

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Here Are Some Of The Excellent 3D Printers We Sell!

Flashforge Guider II

Heated Build Platform

Filament Detection

Resume From Power Failure

Build Platform: 280x250x300 mm






UP Mini 2

Small but Powerful

Extremely Portable

Prints Wirelessly

Build Platform: 120x120x120 mm




Creatbot DG Core

Dual Head Extruder

Largest Print Size Available

Heated Bed Platform

Build platform:  600x600x600 mm





Mankati E180

Excellent Quality Prints

Heated Build Chamber with Air Filtration

Wireless Connection and On-Board Camera

Build Platform: 180x180x200 mm








Outstanding Print Quality

Heated Build Platform

Enclosed Print Chamber

Build Platform: 145x145x160 mm








Plug and Play- Easy and Efficient To Use

Enclosed Build Chamber

Smart-Reels for Filament Detection

Auto-Bed Levelling

Build Platform: 210x150x100 mm