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 3D Materials

3D Printer Filaments


3D printer filaments come in a variety of types of plastic. The primary one is ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) thermoplastic. ABS has high tensile strength, is tough, durable, electrically and thermally insulating. It is available in a variety of colours from white, black, transparent, green, blue, red and more.

ABS printed materials can also be given a glossy finish through the use of an acetone vapor bath, which can add an additional layer of quality to your prints.


PLA (Polylactic Acid) is another type of plastic used by 3D printers with vastly different properties. PLA is harder then ABS however much more brittle. It is also biodegradable and not susceptible to acetone vapor baths.

PLA is not recommended for long term components as it tends to break down after a few months, however is excellent for display pieces and is much easier to print with than ABS.

3D Scanners


3D Scanners

3D Scanning is a useful tool which allows you to import a digital copy of any object you desire, including people! Using a variety of scanners we sell, you are able to create 3D models of whatever you wish!

Some scanners include the Fuel3D Scanify, the ScanMaster Plus and the EinScan Pro.

3D scanning is also possible using simple household tools such as the XBox Kinect, Kinect for Windows or even the Asus Xtio Pro Live.

Simply scan using free software such as Skanect or Reconstruct Me and import models using these simple tools.


3D Pen

3D Pen

The 3D pen comes ready to use out of the box. Simply plug into the power supply and wait for the nozzle to reach the desired temperature. Once the LED light turns blue, the 3D pen is yours to use. Anything is possible!